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A portable WiFi router that is reliable will allow you to keep your personal data safe. The most portable WiFi router for traveling is one that has dual-band and cell-based connectivity. Its battery inside has a range of 10 hours and can be recharged at the wall. It also features a removable Li-ion battery and supports up to 15 devices. Despite its small size, it offers great security and lets you connect multiple devices to the internet on the go. It’s also ideal for traveling because it can be charged via external power, allowing you to bring it with you wherever. You can even get an SIM card to connect while you’re away from home. The TP Link routers make it easy to travel. They are compatible with all frequencies across the globe, including LTE and WiFi. They are compatible with all networks. Although this makes them slightly more expensive than their rivals but they are useful for remote workers and frequent travellers. They are easy to carry and protected from damage caused by dust and other substances by the case.